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New - April 7, 2003: The Maryland district court judge has denied a protective order against Uy going near Moore or his property, but not requiring him to remove the website information. The court ruled that Uy posting Moore's information is protected by the first amendment. But, Moore did say that another lawsuit is not out of the question.

Below is a page that is a page that has been taken off of several systems because a spammer complains that exposing him is harassment.

I spoke with the parties to confirm this information. 

Moore has filed both a civil lawsuit and criminal charges for harassment against the author (Francis Uy). Moore complains that this is inciting people to call at 2:00 am and make death threats.  Moore also complains that people signed him up for catalogs, magazines, and mailing lists. More says, "I don't want to take time out my enjoyment of life, to write that I didn't subscribe."   Moore also complained that Uy is inciting people to file frivolous lawsuits against him, but admitted that no lawsuits were filed.

It appears that Moore lied to the court and the police. When I spoke to Moore, he did indicate any not any fear of Uy. In fact, Moore came close to threatening Uy. In general, to get a protective order one must show that they are in fear for their life -- where is that fear? I didn't get the impression that Moore was afraid of Uy.

There is a difference between informing people of the a parties illegal activity and inciting people to harass.  In my opinion, Uy's Frankie's site does not cross that line. It appears that the only crime here is that Moore is committing software piracy, according to . You decide for yourself.

Some news articles about this:

Washington Post 4/7/2003.

Frankie Say No Spam

As of October 1st 2002, the state of Maryland enacted a law banning fraudulent commercial email. I'm glad they did this, even though the law as written is rather a pain to use. I particularly hope to use it against spammers who also live in Maryland. Don't crap on my home turf!

Maryland's law allows for small claims actions against forged or deceptive email adverts either sent to or coming from Maryland residents. Therefore, if you have received spam from any of the following individuals or groups, you are eligible for $500 per incident. Use this contact information to serve notice in accordance with district court procedures.

Maryland's Most Wanted Spammers

George Moore photo from Newsweek article

1: Maryland Internet Marketing LLC aka George Alan Moore Jr aka Dr. Fatburn

300 Twin Oaks Road, Linthicum MD 21090-2154

877-655-3438, 410-963-8226, 410-691-2924,, formerly

George Moore called me on 2003/03/02 at 2:01pm EST. He made various threats and demanded that I take down this web page or face legal action. My lawyer says he's nowhere near sufficient grounds. Everything printed here is true, to the best of my knowledge and research. It was gathered from public records via Google search and other non-WHOIS sources. Check each item's title tag for details.

A few of the domains that may be associated with George Moore
Domain NamesIP addressISP Hostdate checkedverification
salesscape.com2003/03SBL6260, SBL5903

Several of these domains have changed their registration information recently. They refer to "Domain Management Corp", John Smitherine, "Int'l Vicuna Exporters Assoc" or other things not easily related to George Moore. Is it bizarre coincidence, or intentional deception? Also, George says that neither John Smitthyberg nor Mark W Monday have anything to do with him.


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