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 In Association with is a scam! Sexsearch is a perfect example of what I have been saying., spammers lie, and people who spammers lie. It seems as though Sexsearch is a scam in its entirety  -- a shadow entity, with fake profiles, and programmed to cheat its affiliates. not only puts up fake profiles, skims from their affiliates. Ed Kunkle, the COO of Sexsearch, claimed  he found his  fiancÚ/wife/girlfriend  on Sexsearch. One ex-employee stated, in the context Sexsearch being sued for providing a 15 y/o girl for sex (and the case talked about Sexsearch providing pornography to the same girl), that he was shocked that anyone could contact a real woman through Sexsearch -- given the amount of fake female profiles -- implying that there are no real women members on the web site. Maybe this picture is Ed Kunkle's fiancé/wife/girlfriend -- or was Ed lying?

You may have been spammed by Experienced Internet aka or their agents. I have identified the following strings/links as advertising Sexsearch:

  • /ss/ssgo/code.html
  • /ss/ss02.html
  • /ss/1/ladies.html
  • /ss/1/ladies.html

The spam I received containing the above links had deceptive headers, failed to include required labeling, and  failed to include a physical address. I am willing to provide a declaration, if you need that for any legal action you are taking against Experienced Internet aka Sexsearch.

Of Course, Experienced claims that they only lease the domain to another company and they collect the money for Sexsearch for this other company. This other company then contracts out to another company who then contracts out to a third company that pays the person to be the Sexsearch president. Confused?? I am, it sounds more like a scam. Would any legitimate business that didn't scam people and cheat people out of money be set up like this??  I don't think so.

April 5, 2005: Hearing was held. Defendant didn't make mention of their request for an undertaking -- probably because they knew it was a stupid idea. Tim had to take some time to explain WHOIS to the judge so that the judge would see that the defendants have California ties. 

March 22, 2005:  Defendant filed a reply to our opposition to their motion to dismiss. Their reply is nuts!!! Defendants claim that any information on the internet is not admissible evidence. Defendants still claim that they can hire spammers to spam, but are not responsible for their actions.

March 15, 2005:  Plaintiff filed opposition to defendants' motion to dismiss.  [Opposition] and [request for judicial notice]

February 28, 2005: Defendants filed an motion to dismiss under Federal Rule 12(b)(2), 12(b)(3), 12(b)(6). They also move to change venue to Florida or Los Angeles. The claim that they don't spam, that they don't have an affiliate program, they don't do business in California. Lets take a look through the lens of truth:

  1. They have an affiliate program, or at least according to their web site.
  2. Their spam ends up in California, and I am confident that discovery, will reveal thousands of California customers.
  3. They have regular contacts in California, they run their website on a server in California. I wonder if IPowerWeb knows that they are hosting spammers.
  4. Defendants' attorneys ignore the plain language of the CAN-SPAM act and claim that we have to allege fraud for California law to apply.

Their lawyers, Gary Jay Kaufman and Marijana Stanojevic, know or should know that Experienced Internet are spammers as Timothy Walton, my attorney, provided them with the links to many, many spam complaints against them. I guess "The rules of spam" may also apply to spammer's attorneys.

January 11, 2004: Sued Experienced, Inc -- better known as, Patricia Quesada, Sylvia Bedoya, and DOES 1-50 in Federal court for spamming. This is for their spamming for their site,

They were asked to stop spamming my domain, but they continued. They violated California and Federal law by using deceptive headers and failing to label their spam as sexually explicit.

A copy of the complaint is here.

More to come soon.


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